UPDATE (10th March 2012)

UPDATE (10th March 2012): ALL links are back online! For an extra protection against leeching of the files here, I have put ALL the link in one text file. You have to download just the single text file to get the links for the individual episode. Have fun watching Bible Black!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bible Black 1-6

At an inconspicuous university in the heart of Japan, a strange evil lurks, fostered by the professors and staff who are practicing a dark religion. Devoted to depravity, the staff's incantations also control the lusts of the students, who respond by engaging in open acts of perverse sexuality. Only the school nurse seems to have a remedy for this villainous usurping of the student body's desires, as her intimate counseling sessions with the female students seem to be forming a burgeoning counter movement to take back the school from the influence of evil magic.

Download the full episodes:

Bible Black 1 - School of Black Magic

Bible Black 2 - Black Ceremony

Bible Black 3 - Black Sacrifice

Bible Black 4 - Black Caress

Bible Black 5 - Black Dinner

Bible Black 6 - Black Descent


  1. Is there any way that you could change the file format to something more accessible such as .avi? It would make it so much easier to see enjoy them! :)

  2. Hey there Andrew! Notice that I already place a codec which will help you watch all the movies on this site! Plus you'll be able to watch much more other format of movies with that codec I provided.

    The reason I did not made them avi is because several movies on the website are dual-audio, meaning that you can switch between Japanese and English, you would be able to also put subtitle on and off on several of these videos. This would be possible only if I left the video untouch, it would be a pity to lose all these bell and whistle, eh?

    I'm sorry that its a inconvenient for you but well, its not a big deal in the end since you will be watching that movie in good quality anyway! :)


  3. Many thanks for the episodes :)

    Just wanted you to know, part 3 has been removed.

  4. anyway you can email me the episodes wont let me watch them says i have to take a survey cru5italiby@yahoo.com

  5. I downloaded the text file of links the easy way, by paying $10. That fine downloaded no problem. But, none of the links work. They point to a site that says it's not a file serving site and I can only download my own files. What am I missing?

  6. hey, im from indonesia.
    i try to download but this word(Sorry, there are no offers available for your country." always appears.

  7. Hey. I'm on my galaxy 3S trying to download this.

    How can I do it?

  8. i second that!! rehost the files plz